June 12, 2021, Saturday
२०७८ जेष्ठ २९, शनिबार

South Korea has developed its own corona testing kit

Seoul, South Korea has developed a self-testing kit to find out if it has a corona infection.

The kit is manufactured by two local pharmaceutical companies, Humasis and SD Biosensor. If you suspect that you have corona through this kit, you can check it at home and be sure.

The corona virus can be detected within 15 minutes of being tested at home with this swab.

Not only that, this kit is now readily available in the store every 24 hours. The retail price of the kit, which can be easily purchased from GS-25, Seven Eleven, E-Mart and other 24-hour shops here, is 10,000 Korean Won, or about 1,000 Nepali rupees.

With the help of this, users will now be able to easily know their results, stay in self-isolation if they are positive, and adopt health protection by checking more PCRs.

The government is said to have adopted the policy to increase the scope of testing of the corona virus, which has been on the rise in Korea recently. Agency

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